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Multi-Player Networks

Players require low-latency networks to have a smooth multi-player experience. With a cloud or near-edge-hosted server, each edge device is able to send and receive better updates, and with many more players in an environment. Lag – a mismatch between what should be seen and what is – is a game killer.

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Cloud Gaming

The round-trip latency from a player’s device to the cloud game environment, which is then rendering an image with complex computations for lighting and textures in real time, then encoding that video and returning it to the player 60 times a second at 4K resolution, is a challenge based simply on physics.

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Virtual Reality

Most VR games are hosted on the device itself, or on a PC the device is tethered to. They feel very different than looking at a flat screen, but the challenges for networking remain the same. Any lag, where a player turns his head but the world has not yet moved, can cause nausea, and the experience is destroyed.